curuli+ is the one

Take your lash services to the next level with Matsukaze's Lash Lift Lotion – trusted by professionals.

 Noted softening speed

curuli+ stands out for its remarkable softening rate, one of the fastest in the industry. This feature is highly valued by many practitioners who want to be meticulous with their lashes, but are concerned that the softening time required may compromise overall time performance.

Contains beauty ingredients

While some practitioners may be concerned about the potential damage to the lashes that can result from a fast-softening lift, curuli+addresses this concern by being richly formulated with more than 26 different beauty ingredients, including hyaluronic acid.

Just the right viscosity

curuli+has just the right viscosity to gently adhere to the lashes while providing an enhanced finish. Its smooth application enhances the overall treatment experience, and it always remains conveniently accessible on the applicator side.


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