High-performance eyelash extensions combining a flat shape, antibacterial properties, and ultra-precision laser processing.

Ultimate durability

Flat Lash × Ultra-precision laser

We have applied a special laser processing with an ultra-precise 0.1mm pitch to both the upper and lower sections of the adhesive area. This processing has been proven to significantly enhance the adhesion strength in the latest adhesion strength tests. Unlike typical flat extensions that have vertical grooves resulting in higher adhesive application, our product eliminates vertical grooves and utilizes horizontal laser processing to maintain an optimal amount of adhesive application.

Antibacterial Function

Equipped with an antibacterial function that considers public hygiene, making it ideal for beauty salon services. As awareness of antibacterial measures increases in various aspects of society, you can use it with confidence.

Ultra-precision laser processing (functional)

This flat-type synthetic lash is ideal for customers who experience quick detachment from the base with traditional round extensions, those who feel discomfort due to the thickness on their eyelids, and those with thin natural lashes.

Flat shape with no vertical indentation

The absence of indentations facilitates fine control of direction (cross attachment).

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