MATSUKAZE Coating Essence Unveils Sleek New Packaging Design

We have renewed only the package design, while keeping the contents and ingredients exactly the same.
Contains 43 beauty ingredients including adsorbed hyaluronic acid and Widelash


This single bottle of eyelash serum contains everything you need for your eyelashes.
Daily self-care moisturizes and coats each individual lash.
Contains Widelash TM (WideLash), which effectively demonstrates the function of peptides and panthenol, and 43 other serum ingredients that lead to bouncy, shiny, and attractive eyelashes. In addition, the formula contains adsorbed hyaluronic acid (hydroxypulpyrtrimonium hyaluronate), which has higher adsorption power than ordinary hyaluronic acid, to condition cuticles and coat lashes with moisture.

Apply after the glue has completely cured, focusing on the natural eyelashes.
Daily use will moisturize your natural eyelashes, preventing them from drying out and enhancing the longevity of the extensions.
  • It also makes your eyelashes shiny.
  • If applied after curling, the curl will be maintained longer.

Directions for use

Twice a day, morning and evening, apply gently from the base of the eyelashes to the tips of the lashes in a clean condition after washing your face.

We recommend that you use this product daily as it not only prevents your natural eyelashes from drying out and enhances the longevity of your extensions, but also gives your eyelashes moisture and luster, making them more beautiful.

Applying the glue before the glue has fully cured will interfere with the normal curing reaction, so please ask your clients to purchase the glue and apply it at home.

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