High-performance eyelash experience with the latest Matsukaze LEDs.

Sustained Best

Average duration of about 5-6 weeks.

Comparison among glue products that Matsukaze
has offered to date.
(In-house evaluation evidence has been obtained.)

Highest velocity

Complete curing time : 2 to 3 seconds
(when irradiated with LED light)

Comparison among glue products that Matsukaze
has offered to date.
(In-house evaluation evidence has been obtained.)

Safe and secure

2-second complete curing upon LED light irradiation.
(Quickly finish curing reaction that causes allergic reaction)

Cut blue light by 99.9%

When we started offering Matsukaze LED, we focused on the safety of the practitioner's eyes until the very end. Matsukaze LED cuts out 99.9% of blue light (*), which reduces the strain on the eyes caused by LED eyelash extensions.
*Results of tests using dedicated spectral analysis equipment.

Blocking glare during treatment

During LED light irradiation, the client is susceptible to glare due to blue light. By attaching a UV-protective sheet to the upper eyelid, glare is blocked during the procedure, allowing the customer to undergo the procedure comfortably.

Suppresses glue degradation during treatment

Since Matsukaze LED glue is a glue with extremely high light-curing reaction, it easily reacts to indoor lighting and sunlight coming in through windows, in addition to LED lights. By using a cover, the performance of the glue is maintained while the treatment is performed smoothly.


High-performance eyelash experience with the latest Matsukaze LEDs.



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      When Matsukaze LED was launched, the patented technology "Adhesion Strength Test Method for Eyelash Extensions" to measure adhesion strength was used to test the peel strength, which was 25% higher than that of The Glue 084 (GIPS).

      The average lasting time will vary depending on the application environment and the condition of the client's eyelashes, but an average lasting time of approximately 5 to 6 weeks will be achieved.

      Matsukaze LED glue retains the same ease of use and performance as our moisture-curing glue (The Glue series for normal application), so there is no need for special techniques just because you have switched to Matsukaze LED glue.

      Matsukaze LED glue retains the same usability and performance as our moisture-curing glues (The Glue series for normal application).

      The viscosity of Matsukaze LED glue is 150 mPa-s, which is relatively smooth and quick-drying like The Glue084, The Glue111, and The Glue213, so it is recommended to fix the glue to the natural eyelashes while pushing and stretching the applied glue balls and blending them into an even flat shape.

      (*Please be careful not to move the extensions once they have been placed on the natural eyelashes, and use LED light to fully cure the extensions.)

      Matsukaze LED glue can be removed with Rose Fragrance Remover and Siren Remover just like regular eyelash extensions.
      Please use the same method as when removing regular eyelash extensions.
      How to remove eyelash extensions
      Apply the remover to cover the glue area without any leaks, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then gently rub off with a cotton swab or micro stick.
      If it does not come off after a few minutes, repeat the same procedure again.
      Please be careful not to pull it off forcibly until it comes off easily.

      (*This remover has been tested and monitored with Matsukaze glue. Other companies' strong type glue may cause an error in leaving time, or may be difficult to remove.)

      Wattage (W) is a measure of brightness. Generally, the higher the wattage (W) value, the brighter the light, and the lower the wattage (W) value, the darker the light.

      We believe that minimizing the effect of light on the eyes as much as possible leads to safety and security.
      For this reason, Matsukaze LED lights use a rated output of DC5V/1A/5W.

      Matsukaze LED Glue is a product with enhanced light-responsive performance,
      We recommend the best combination of Matsukaze LED Light and Matsukaze LED Glue.

      *Please check the shape of the plug for your country or region, and prepare the corresponding plug or adapter before use. This product comes with a USB adapter that is compatible with Japanese outlet plugs.

      Warranty and after-sales service
      We will replace the product only if it is defective in the initial stage.
      Please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the product to request a return or exchange.
      Customer Support
      email: support@eyecosme.net

      Repair will be charged in the following cases
      ・Failure or damage of the product due to dropping or falling after purchase.
      ・Malfunction or damage caused by use of the product for purposes other than its original purpose.
      ・Malfunction or damage due to misuse, improper repair or modification.
      ・Deterioration due to use or replacement of consumable parts.
      ・Failure or damage due to fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, other natural disasters, or abnormal voltage.
      ・When equipment that requires installation is re-installed in a different location.

      Shipping Precautions
      The product will be shipped in appropriate packaging to protect the electrical equipment.
      Please be sure to check for any damage or defects upon arrival of the product.

      The curing reaction of the glue is accompanied by the generation of volatile substances (irritants), which continue to be generated until the glue is fully cured. (We advise that the full curing time for conventional moisture-curing glues is 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the glue)).

      Compared to conventional moisture-curing glues, Matsukaze LED glue has achieved a significantly shorter complete curing time of 2 seconds when irradiated with LED light.

      This dramatically reduces the time and total amount of volatile substances (irritants) generated during the curing reaction, and the total amount of volatile substances (irritants) that adhere to the skin and mucous membranes is reduced, which is thought to reduce the risk of allergies.

      However, switching to Matsukaze LED glue does not guarantee that problems will not occur.
      If you wish to change the glue, you need to confirm the client's intention and obtain his/her consent at the time of counseling before proceeding with the procedure.

      I have answered the above without speculation that it is an allergic reaction to an ingredient.
      Only a physician can make a medical judgment regarding allergic sensitization to glue ingredients, so if you have any doubts, please be sure to consult a medical specialist (dermatologist or ophthalmologist).

      The performance of the LED chip itself is about 8,000-10,000 hours of continuous lighting.
      It varies depending on the time and frequency of lighting, but if used properly, it will last 3-5 years.
      We do not sell LED light chips only.

      Matsukaze LED lights are manufactured in China to Shofu's original specifications.

      The rated output of the Matsukaze LED light is DC5V/1A/5W.

      Therefore, the possibility of feeling heat from the LED light is low, and the difference between conventional moisture-curing glue and light-curing (LED) glue is very unlikely to cause any difference in the degree of damage to the lashes.

      Also, in light of the irradiation time, temperature at the time of irradiation, and hair cycle, it is unlikely that damage will be caused to the eyelashes or that damage will accumulate.

      We believe that the possibility of feeling heat from the LED light or momentary pain during glue curing is extremely small.

      *There may be individual differences, so if a customer complains of discomfort, please discontinue use.

      *If trouble occurs, such as glue getting into the eyes, please rinse with large amounts of water.

      *If you experience any physical discomfort after having eyelash extensions applied, we recommend that you consult a medical specialist.

      *If the amount of glue applied is extremely large, you may feel heat, so please make sure to apply the proper amount of glue.

      Some people may feel glare from the LED light, so we ask that you apply Matsukaze LED UV Protect Eye Patch Sheets (50 pairs) to protect your eyes during the procedure.

      Also, in light of the irradiation time, temperature at the time of irradiation, and hair cycle, it is unlikely that damage will be caused to the eyelashes or that damage will accumulate.

      Please understand that the set time depends on the speed of the technician and the glue used, so we cannot make a blanket judgment on whether or not it can be shortened.

      As an example, the following is a calculation of the time required to apply extensions based on the number of extensions and the set time.

      We would appreciate it if you could take a look at it for your reference.

      The time calculation below does not include the time required to grip the artificial hairs, apply glue, scrape them off, or remove your hands from them after mounting, except for the curing time and the set time.

      Example: In the case of 120 hairs

      Moisture cure type glue

      ・120 lashes x 4-5 seconds (setting time) = 480-600 seconds

      ・120 lashes x 2 to 3 seconds (set time) = 240 to 360 seconds

      ・120 sticks x 1 second (set time) = 120 seconds

      Matsukaze LED

      ・120 pcs. x 2 sec. (irradiation time) = 240 sec.

      The following are the points to shorten the treatment time when using Matsukaze LED,

      Since it hardens completely in 2 seconds, neighboring hairs do not stick to each other, so the time required to check for tangling, sticking, etc. can be significantly reduced.
      There is no need to use a blower, etc. to dry the hair after the procedure is complete, so the eyes can be opened immediately after the tape is removed.

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