The Glue Series by Matsukaze

All Matsukaze eyelash extension glue is made in Japan.
Not only do we manufacture the raw glue solution, but we also fill, commercialize, and inspect the products in-house. Everything is done in Japan.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

We require third-party evaluations rather than in-house testing. They are scientific and impartial tests, and we confirm that all of them have been passed before releasing the product.

Operational performance glue that meets your needs

It has a flexible performance that meets the diverse needs of professional practiti.

The provision of a warranty certificate

A certificate of guarantee that the glue stock solution is made in Japan and that the processing and filling to make the product is done in Japan is available.

Introduction to Characteristics of Glues


Drying Time: 2-3 sec
Viscosity: 250mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

Moderate viscosity, ultra fast drying


Drying Time: 2-3 sec
Viscosity: 100mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

The lowest viscosity of all Matsukaze glues.


Drying Time: 4-5 sec
Viscosity: 375mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

Moderate viscosity


Drying Time: around 5sec
Viscosity: 250mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

For Hair Salon
Hight amine concentration hair salon.


Drying Time: around 5sec
Viscosity: 250mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

For Hair Salon
Moderate amine concentration hair salon.


Drying Time: 4-5 sec
Viscosity: 250mPa·s
Retention: 15 days~

Low Stimulation
Low irritation.


Drying Time: around 1sec
Viscosity: 150mPa·s
Retention: 30 days~

Fastest drying time while maintaining viscosity


      The expiration date is as follows

      • Unopened: about 3 months (the expiration date when unopened is indicated on the outer aluminum bag and on the side of the container)

      • Opened on the same day as the product arrives: within 30 days after opening (within 60 days for The Glue111 and The Glue084)

      To prevent deterioration due to moisture, when storing glue, wipe off any glue or dirt from the nozzle and cap, close the cap securely, place the glue container in an aluminum bag with desiccant, close the zipper, and store the container in an upright position under refrigeration (recommended range 5~10℃) regardless of whether the container is unopened or not.

      • Ideal room temperature during treatment: Approximately 25-28°C (Acceptable range: 18-28°C)
      • Ideal room humidity during treatment: Around 55% (Acceptable range: 40-70%)

      We do not offer glue samples.
      Due to the nature of our products, we sell glue in the smallest volume we can determine that we can deliver with stable ingredients, so we are unable to provide small volume samples such as trial sizes.

      The very small amount of volatile substances produced when eyelash extension glue thickens and hardens are mainly cyanoacrylate (cyanoacrylate monomer/polymer)
      When they adhere to the surface where the eyelash extensions are attached, they can be seen by the naked eye as a whitening phenomenon.
      The frequency of whitening varies depending on the characteristics of the glue, but it is especially common during the rainy season and summer when humidity is high. Also, inadequate or unsanitary pretreatment
      This phenomenon is also often seen when artificial hair is used or when washing the face or taking a bath, etc. are performed immediately after treatment.

      This phenomenon tends to occur when there are problems with ideal curing conditions, such as excessive moisture or lipid stains that promote a rapid curing reaction of the glue, which may cause a decrease in staying power and itching. This phenomenon is particularly likely to occur during the rainy season and summer months, so care must be taken to control humidity during these times.

      • Do not leave customers' sweat and tears untreated.
      • Do not use unsanitary artificial hair.
      • Proper pre-treatment (clean the client's eyelashes and dry them thoroughly with a blower).
      • Do not touch pre-treated lashes with fingers.
      • Apply the proper amount of glue.
      • Understand the characteristics of glue, such as viscosity and set time, and use it appropriately. 
      • Always use a blower to accelerate the curing of the glue.
      • Do not wash your face or take a bath immediately after application (before the glue has fully cured).

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