Discover natural beauty with our supple matte black eyelash extensions.

Our matte black extensions embody the essence of "jet black," reflecting no light for a natural texture that enhances softness and elegance around your eyes. Achieve a finish akin to real lashes, seamlessly blending into any setting with grace.

Feature 1: Flat shape

Compared to standard round cross-section extensions, the flat shape provides a unique softness. Even with the same thickness, the flat shape ensures a soft and natural finish. Additionally, it significantly reduces length variations, offering a more uniform result.

Feature 2: Antibacterial Function

Equipped with an antibacterial function that considers public hygiene, making it ideal for beauty salon services. As awareness of antibacterial measures increases in various aspects of society, you can use it with confidence.

Feature 3: Stable Shape with Vertical Grooves

The slight vertical groove in the center of the extension makes it easier to apply to natural lashes and enhances retention. It adheres firmly from the roots, ensuring long-lasting wear. This design is also suitable for those who feel discomfort due to the thickness of their eyelids during application or have thin natural lashes.

Feature 4: Extensive Lineup

We offer two popular thickness options: 0.15mm and 0.2mm. In addition to the standard curl shapes of "J, C, and SC," we also provide special shapes available exclusively in matte black: "C+, L, V1, and V2." This comprehensive lineup is sure to satisfy even the most experienced specialists.