The Glue084(250mPa·s)"Renewal from GIPS"
The Glue084(250mPa·s)"Renewal from GIPS"

The Glue084(250mPa·s)"Renewal from GIPS"


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Advanced glue with moderate viscosity, for eyelash technicians with busy repeat clients who require treatments in a limited time.


Main Ingredient: Ethyl cyanoacrylate
Retention: 30 days~
Viscosity: 250mPa·s
Drying Time: 2-3 sec
Made in Japan


Regardless of whether the package is unopened or opened, it should be kept refrigerated (recommended range 5-10°C).
Always keep the glue sealed in the aluminum bag it came in, along with the desiccant that came with it.

Expiry Date

Unopened: about 3 months
10ml:about60 days
5ml  :about30 days


If you use eyelash extensions from another company, we can't guarantee the quality of that product.
This product is used by only the person who has known about eyelash extensions.
Shake the bottle slowly for 1 min before usage.
If Itching and discomfort came out after attachment, please advise your customer to get a check-up at the hospital.
Always read the instructions for use.

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