NUMERO Color Premade Fans Volume Lash 5D is now on sale!

NUMERO Color Premade Fans Volume Lash 5D is now on sale!


The NUMERO Color Premade Fans Volume Lash 5D offers pre-made bunches of 0.07 ultra-fine hairs, providing naturally voluminous extensions!

High quality pre-made lashes manufactured in our own factory.
The tips of the 5-prong bundle feature an original design with alternating lengths.
By arranging the tips in short, long, short, long, and short, the outline does not become too thick, while still giving a three-dimensional effect, and the color mixing blends in very naturally.

The pre-made lashes are made by bundling 5 ultra-fine lashes of 0.07mm each, and the special taper process unique to Matsukaze makes them extremely soft.

Since the glue at the root is kept to a minimum, the gluing point does not become unnatural and volume can be increased naturally in a short time.
By mixing with NUMERO Flat Single Lash, you can create shades and fullness to further expand the range of your designs.

NUMERO pre-made lashes can solve the problem that volume lash techniques are difficult and that the skill level of our staff varies.

The new products will be available in five colors: "Ice Mauve," "Ecru," "Sodalite," "Ripe Purple," and "Matte Black.



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