The pretreatment lotion for sensitive skin has been renewed!

Introducing the renewed hypoallergenic pre-treatment lotion designed for individuals with sensitive skin.
This pre-treatment lotion has been meticulously formulated with a selection of gentle ingredients that cater to eyelash health.
Its primary purpose is to delicately eliminate surface sebum from eyelashes without causing any harm.Before the application of eyelash extensions, this lotion effectively eliminates oils and lipids from the lashes, enhancing the durability of the extensions.
It's essential for maintaining the hygiene and longevity of the extensions, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin.

The Importance of Pre-Treatment in Eyelash Extension Application

Before proceeding with eyelash extension application, it's crucial to eliminate oils, fats, and other contaminants present on the natural eyelashes.
Neglecting pre-treatment could lead to potential bacterial infections due to the presence of dirt. Moreover, proper pre-treatment, which includes addressing lipids, also contributes to bacterial control.
Dirt accumulation can compromise the adhesive strength of the glue, resulting in shorter-lasting extensions.
It's imperative to ensure your lashes are thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying the adhesive.

Usage Instructions

Prior to attaching extensions, saturate a cotton swab or cotton ball with an appropriate amount of the pre-treatment lotion (ensuring no excessive dripping) and gently cleanse the front and back of the eyelashes. After completing the pre-treatment process, make sure to thoroughly dry the lashes using a blower or a similar tool before commencing the extension attachment.

Experience the difference of our renewed pre-treatment lotion, meticulously crafted to suit sensitive skin and contribute to the success and longevity of your eyelash extensions.

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