Matsukaze LED Eyelash Extensions Light (Black) is newly added to our lineup!

The product functions are exactly the same as the Matsukaze LED Eyelash Extensions Light (White).

Matsukaze LED Eyelash Extensions Light (Black)product page


LED light designed for ease of treatment. The movable arm and fine-adjustable head allow smooth adjustment to suit the practitioner's intention.

The Matsukaze LED makes it possible to shorten the complete curing time of glue by using the LED light. This is expected to further reduce eye area risk.

Product Contents

  • Light body
  • Adapter (PSE compliant)
  • Foot switch
  • Pedestal
  • Instruction manual and warranty card

Product Specifications


  • Total length: approx. 175 cm
  • Flexible arm: approx. 68 cm

Product standard

  • Rated input...AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Rated output...DC5V/1A/5W


  • Wavelength 360nm to 460nm
  • Peak wavelength 411nm (+/- 15nm is recommended wavelength band)

*Although Matsukaze LED glue will cure at wavelengths other than those listed above, the curing time may vary because the radiation intensity is different from that verified.

The wavelength band of this light does not pose a risk of sunburn unless the glue is continuously irradiated for a long time. However, in consideration of the effect on the eyes, customers are advised to close their eyes tightly and use UV-protective eye patch sheets for protection.
In the case of longer use, damage to the practitioner's eyes by the light must be taken care of. Please be sure to use the LED eye protection glasses recommended by Matsukaze.

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More detailed product information can be found here.

 Matsukaze LED Eyelash Extensions Light (Black)product page

Black is now also available in the introduction kit, which allows you to start LED eyelash extensions right away.

Matsukaze LED Basic Set (Black Color)product page


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