"Matsukaze LED Basic KIT" is now available.



High-performance eyelash experience with the latest Matsukaze LEDs.


Basic kit of commercial materials required for Matsukaze LED treatment
This kit is recommended for those who are going to start using Matsukaze LEDs because it is more cost-effective than buying them separately.

 What is Matsukaze LED?

"Eyelash extensions" have traditionally involved attaching artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes using a special adhesive.

However, "Matsukaze LED" introduces the use of LED light in this process to expedite the complete curing time of the adhesive.

The idea is to minimize the potential for issues in the eye area by decreasing the duration in which volatile substances (irritants) are produced during the curing process until the glue is fully set.

This represents the underlying concept behind our adhesive development efforts thus far.

"Matsukaze LED" is anticipated to further mitigate the risk of eye area problems by employing LED light to even further accelerate the complete curing time of the adhesive.

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