Why Does Eyelash Extension Glue Turn White? Causes and Solutions

"How can I avoid eyelash extension glue turning white, which is a particular concern during periods of high humidity and temperatures indoors and outdoors?

The very small amount of volatile substances generated when eyelash extension glue thickens and hardens are mainly cyanoacrylate (cyanoacrylate monomer/polymer).
When it adheres to the attachment surface of the eyelash extensions, it can be seen by the naked eye as whitening of the eyelash extensions.
The frequency depends on the characteristics of the glue, but is especially common during the humid rainy season and summer. Also, inadequate pretreatment or unsanitary
This phenomenon is also common when artificial hair is used, or when washing the face or taking a bath immediately after the procedure.

We will explore the causes of this phenomenon in order to achieve more complete eyelash extensions."

Make sure the glue on the eyelash extensions turns white.

Let's conduct a simple experiment.


Experimental image of the phenomenon of eyelash whitening

Causes of eyelash extension glue turning white (based on Matsukaze survey data)

  • Left clients sweat and tears as they were.
  • Used unsanitary artificial lashes.
  • Did not properly perform pre-treatment.
    (Residue of cosmetics, lipid dirt, remover, cleansing, and pre-treatment agent)
  • Touched the lashes with fingers after pre-treatment.
  • Did not adequately perform glue curing with a blower.
  • Came into contact with water immediately after treatment, such as washing face or bathing.
Image with whitened eyelashes
Actual and enlarged images

Measures to prevent eyelash extension glue from turning white

  • Do not leave the customer's sweat and tears as they are.
  • Do not use unsanitary artificial lashes.
  • Perform pre-treatment properly.
    (Clean the customer's lashes and dry thoroughly with a blower)
  • Do not touch the lashes with fingers after pre-treatment.
  • Apply an appropriate amount of glue.
    (Understand the characteristics of the glue such as viscosity and set time, and use it appropriately)
  • Always use a finishing blower to promote glue curing.
  • Avoid washing the face or bathing immediately after application (before complete curing of the glue).


The best thing to do is to reapply eyelash extensions.
As a temporary measure, apply "eyelash serum" or "coating essence".

The ideal treatment environment when using glue would be:

Ideal room temperature during treatment: Approximately 25-28°C (Acceptable range: 18-28°C)
Ideal room humidity during treatment: Around 55% (Acceptable range: 40-70%)


This phenomenon often occurs when there are issues with the ideal curing conditions, such as excessive moisture or lipid dirt, which can accelerate the rapid hardening reaction of the glue. This may lead to decreased adhesion and potential causes of itching. Particularly, it is a common occurrence during the rainy season and summer months, so careful humidity control during these periods is essential.


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