Matsukaze LED The Glue 223 Black
Matsukaze LED The Glue 223 Black
Matsukaze LED The Glue 223 Black
Matsukaze LED The Glue 223 Black

Matsukaze LED The Glue 223 Black


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Main Ingredient:Ethyl cyanoacrylate
Viscosity: 150mPa·s
Drying Time: 2-3 sec(When exposed to LED light)
Made in Japan

Regardless of whether the package is unopened or opened, it should be kept refrigerated (recommended range 5-10°C).
Always keep the glue sealed in the aluminum bag it came in, along with the desiccant that came with it.

*Expiry Date
Unopened: about 3 months
Opened: about 30 days

Matsukaze LED glue, which can consistently demonstrate the lasting power of individual extensions, has acquired evidence data showing a 25% increase in peel strength compared to GIPS glue in the patented "Adhesive Strength Test Method for Eyelash Extensions.
The average lasting time varies depending on the application environment and the condition of the client's lashes, but it achieves an average lasting time of approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

*How to use
Apply a little more glue than usual, blend it with your natural lashes, and check that there are no clumps before applying the LED light.
Temporary fixation is instantaneous.

*Points to keep in mind when using the product
Matsukaze LED Glue is a highly functional light-curing glue.
Therefore, it reacts easily to ordinary fluorescent lights and sunlight, which may cause premature curing on the tray.
As it depends on the environment in which you use the glue, please take out the next glue when it becomes viscous in the glue dome.
The glue can be used for a longer period of time by blocking out as much light as possible. Therefore, please store the glue in an aluminum bag each time you take it out, even during the treatment.

*Compatible light
This glue is compatible with LED lights with wavelengths from 365nm to 460nm.

*Stable supply system
All Matsukaze glues are manufactured in-house.
Therefore, we always produce fresh LED glue at our own factory and provide it to salons.
Because we have a production system that provides glue to customers all over the world, and because Matsukaze has been providing glue stably since its establishment, there is no need to worry about running out of stock, and you can introduce our products with confidence.

*Recommended remover
To remove Matsukaze LEDs, use Matsukaze Cream Remover -RoseFragrance-.
Matsukaze Cream Remover -RoseFragrance-.

*Usage environment
Salon specializing in eyelash extensions, Hair Salons
If you are having eyelash extensions in a hair salon where hair coloring and perms are frequently performed, it may be difficult to use the glasses.

If you use eyelash extensions from another company, we can't guarantee the quality of that product.
This product is used by only the person who has known about eyelash extensions.
Shake the bottle slowly for 1 min before usage.
If Itching and discomfort came out after attachment, please advise your customer to get a check-up at the hospital.
Always read the instructions for use.

All orders will be shipped by Matsukaze. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days. You can check Shipping Policy for more information.

Matsukaze LED Glue - Unique Dedication

After comparing the strength of 10 extensions with Matsukaze LED glue and The Glue086, 6 extensions of intermediate values were selected and compared in the graph.

Test evidence data proving that the patented technology "Adhesion Strength Test Method for Eyelash Extensions" is used to demonstrate the stable lasting power of each individual extension.

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