Curuli+ Lash lift Glue
Curuli+ Lash lift Glue
Curuli+ Lash lift Glue
Curuli+ Lash lift Glue
Curuli+ Lash lift Glue
Curuli+ Lash lift Glue

Curuli+ Lash lift Glue


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Noted softening speed

Curuli+ stands out for its remarkable softening rate, one of the fastest in the industry. This feature is highly valued by many practitioners who want to be meticulous with their lashes, but are concerned that the softening time required may compromise overall time performance.
With a softening speed of approximately 7 minutes, Curuli+ is one of the fastest in the industry. The stress-free softening speed has been well received since the prototype stage.

Abundantly formulated with beauty ingredients

While some practitioners may be concerned about the potential damage to the lashes that can result from a fast-softening lift, Curuli+ addresses this concern by being richly formulated with more than 26 different beauty ingredients, including hyaluronic acid.
This product was developed in response to the needs and requests of practitioners who value gentleness and want to enhance the natural beauty of their clients' lashes. By incorporating a range of high quality beauty ingredients, Curuli+ not only meets these needs, but also effectively addresses concerns about potential damage.

Just the right viscosity

In a lifting product, the ability to avoid drips and spread evenly is critical to maximizing treatment efficiency.
Curuli+ has just the right viscosity to gently adhere to the lashes while providing an enhanced finish. Its smooth application enhances the overall treatment experience, and it always remains conveniently accessible on the applicator side.
To ensure continuous improvement, we actively gather feedback from salons and incorporate it into our ongoing efforts to improve the product.


Capacity:about 6g
Made in Japan

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the adhesive area with a cotton swab, stick or brush.


Be careful not to put it in eyes.
Wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it getting in eyes.
Please do not use to the person with allergies.
If your skin disagrees with the product, please cease all use.
Always read the instructions for use.

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