.fav Eyebrow Soft Wax
.fav Eyebrow Soft Wax

.fav Eyebrow Soft Wax


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A skin-friendly soft wax suitable for eyebrows.
Its easy-to-apply, easy-to-extend texture and excellent depilatory power are highly evaluated by hair stylists.
When used in combination with powder gel, it further reduces the burden on the skin, while its strong adhesive power allows for clean and firm removal of even short hairs.
**Wax sheet use type

*How to use
(1) Remove the cap of this product, open the inner lid, and set the can on the heater.
(2) Heat the wax. The optimum temperature is just under 60℃.
(3) Scoop the wax with a spatula, etc. and apply a thin layer of wax to the skin along the flow of hair.
Wait for several tens of seconds until the wax hardens.
5) Once the wax hardens, peel it off at once in a parallel line along the skin in the opposite direction to the flow of hairs.
6) Immediately hold the removed area with your finger or palm to ease the pain.
Repeat steps (3) to (6).

The diameter of the wax can is 10.2 cm, so please use a wax warmer of the corresponding size.
If you are considering installing this product, we recommend that you install it together with the dedicated .fav Wax warmers.

Contents: 400 g
Fragrance: Citrus
Made in Japan
Colorant-free oil-based

Melting temperature: about 50°C
Heater temperature/time to reach usable temperature (approx.):around 1 hour
Optimal wax temperature (approx.):60℃ or lower

Ingredients:Glyceryl Rosinate/white mineral oil/hydrotreated microcryst/Perfume


  • Excessive heat may cause burns, so please be careful.
  • When removing wax, do not peel upward as it is dangerous.
  • This product must be heated by a dedicated heater before use.
  • It cannot be used at room temperature.
  • Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.
  • Apply a small amount in an inconspicuous place on the skin and check if any abnormality appears.
  • If any skin abnormality appears, discontinue use immediately.
  • If any abnormality appears, consult a physician.
  • Do not use if you are being treated by a dermatologist.


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