Matsukaze LED lights are now available!

 Matsukaze LED

"Eyelash extensions" have traditionally involved attaching artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes using a special adhesive.

However, "Matsukaze LED" introduces the use of LED light in this process to expedite the complete curing time of the adhesive.

The idea is to minimize the potential for issues in the eye area by decreasing the duration in which volatile substances (irritants) are produced during the curing process until the glue is fully set.

This represents the underlying concept behind our adhesive development efforts thus far.

"Matsukaze LED" is anticipated to further mitigate the risk of eye area problems by employing LED light to even further accelerate the complete curing time of the adhesive.

About LED Light Product Features

*How to use
Connect the adapter to an electrical outlet.
Place the light in the correct position for ease of use, and bend the flexible arm to set the light head in the correct irradiation position.
By operating the ball joint, the light's beam point can be quickly fine-tuned.
Step on the foot switch to turn on the light, and release your foot to turn off the light.
When using Matsukaze LED glue, irradiate this LED light for 2 to 3 seconds for each extension to complete curing.
Please irradiate the LED light from a distance of 15cm from the point of attachment.
If the LED light is too far away, sufficient curing will not be achieved.
Do not shine the LED light too close to the glue, as this will cause excessive light to be supplied to the glue.

*Usage Notes
The maximum duration of one irradiation of this product is 1 minute.
Use of this product by children and minors is prohibited.
Use of adapters and mobile batteries that do not meet safety standards is prohibited.
Rated input...AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated output...DC5V/1A/5W

Do not use the product with a voltage other than the indicated power supply voltage. Doing so may cause fire or electric shock.
Do not use the product in flammable or inflammable atmosphere (gasoline, thinner, lacquer, etc.). Doing so may cause fire.
When connecting the power supply, be sure to do so securely according to the instruction manual. Incomplete connection may cause fire due to poor contact.
Do not use the product in direct sunlight, in a humid place, in a place subject to strong or constant vibration or shock, or in a place where dust, oil fumes, or corrosive gases are generated. Doing so may cause fire or electric shock.
Do not use outdoors. Use outdoors may cause fire, electric shock, or insulation failure due to humidity or moisture.

*Please note
Please read the following precautions before purchasing.

1. check the shape of the plug
Please check the shape of the plug for your country or region, and prepare the corresponding plug or adapter before use. This product comes with a USB adapter that is compatible with Japanese outlet plugs.

2. voltage and frequency
Please make sure that the voltage and frequency corresponding to your country or region matches the product specifications before use.

3. Import duties and taxes
Please check the customs duties and taxes in your country or region before purchasing the product. This product is an LED light (HS code: 9405.11).

4.Warranty and after-sales service
We will replace the product only if it is defective in the initial stage.
Please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the product to request a return or exchange.
Customer Support

Repair will be charged in the following cases
Failure or damage of the product due to dropping or falling after purchase.
Malfunction or damage caused by use of the product for purposes other than its original purpose.
Malfunction or damage due to misuse, improper repair or modification.
Deterioration due to use or replacement of consumable parts.
Failure or damage due to fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, other natural disasters, or abnormal voltage.
When equipment that requires installation is re-installed in a different location.

5. Shipping Precautions
The product will be shipped in appropriate packaging to protect the electrical equipment.
Please be sure to check for any damage or defects upon arrival of the product.

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